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by Charles Darley

First testing in the garage test tank

This is the first time that the bow section of the model had been in water. Here Martin is pushing the section down to the high water mark to check that there are no leaks when there is water pressure on the hull such as it will have when operational.

Looking at the bow with the test set equipment used to drive the bow thruster. This test was completed in about 15 minutes and proved completely satisfactory in the test tank and this board well for the maiden voyage!!

I picture showing the whole of the bow section as we were checking the power of the bow thruster.

The bow set at the low water line.

This is the stern of the model in the test tank for the first time. The main motor is running and producing a good deal of wash and forming bubbles in the water due to cavitation. It potential full power is still unknown until the model can be set at high water mark and thus avoid as much as possible cavitation.

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