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Final items completed ready final testing

The super structure is completed ready for final testing, after which detail will be added -railings ladders etc.

The kort nozzle is completed and a guard section of steel has been placed under the unit to help protect from damage.

The kort nozzle is moved by a steering arm that is attached to the top of the shaft which is connected to the kort nozzle. This arm is then linked to a servo which is controlled by the signals sent from the radio control transmitter. note that each connection make a right angle to the point of throw and that each arm is in line with each other. The actual ship has a throw of its rudder of 60 degrees each side of centre. The kort nozzle can be moved 45 degrees each side of centre. To achieve 60 degrees turn would not be possible as the kort nozzle is designed to stop just after a turn of 45 degrees against the keel of the model should the kort nozzle foul anything in the water.

Ballast will be needed in the craft to bring it down to water line. Here a concrete block is in place.

The electronics are housed under the super super structure. This is how the electronics look as at 18 Nov 2000, as more parts are developed they will be added.

The fixing of the bow thruster have been amended following the first operation on water as it was found that the use of simple a small amount of friction to stop rotation of the motor in the tube was insufficient. The tube was there cut vertically each end for about 25mm and across to a depth of about 15mm. A compression fitting was then used to tighten the tube onto the lower tube as a tight fit and similarly to the motor.

The craft was designed to fit into my Peugeot 306 Estate with the rear seats folded down- and it does !!!!

There is still space for the batteries etc.

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