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by Charles Darley

Naming and Launch 20th November 2000

The naming and launch of the model took place on a bright monday morning after a very wet weekend. A few friends and relations gathered to witness the event - the launch of the largest craft that I have ever built. Some of the picture have been extracted from the video taken on the day other are from a digital still camera.

The launch went without a hitch and all systems currently on the craft work according to plan.

The car is packed ready to take the craft to the Mast Pond in readiness for launching.

The craft removed from the car, Martin is securing the bow to the trolley which was made 19 November and finished at 10.00pm !! The trolley will be updated with a further set of wheels to make transportation easier.

In fact the trolly no longer exists - 2006 !!!

The craft sits on the trolley ready for the launch. The trolley was designed by Martin and David. Martin and his son Stephen then welded the trailer together whilst David set about cutting up square section steel and I on the lathe made up parts that required turning.

The trailer no longer exists.

From left to right in the picture are:- David Powell, John Mallichan, myself, my mother Mrs Cox, Martin Coldwell, and Dr Cox, who are waiting for the start of the naming. My wife Jean took the picture.

Roy from Scotline names the craft.

The craft is launched.

Roy Brookes from Scotline, who named the craft, takes the controls. As far as I am aware this was the first time he has handled a radio control boat of this size !!!

The craft is under the control of Roy who is bringing her into port.

The craft is nearly docked. I am pleased that my mother, pictured here, was able to attend the naming and launch as it is the first time she has been at the waters edge when a new craft, built by me, sails for the first time.

Here the craft is seen with other boats of the Medway Model Marine Society

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