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by Charles Darley

The start of the fabrication of the sides

Here Martin is making the saw cut at the start of the process of making a rebate to take the side pieces. You can just see that the base board has been cut away to the correct line for the rounded turn of the base of the hull.

Here I am at work with a chisel cutting out the rebate. This proved to be harder than expected as I was always cutting across the grain of the timber, and needing to be cutting up the slope of the grain else the timber would split away in the wrong place.

After about 1 hour the rebate is completed. The second side only took 30 minutes as we put into practice all the lessons learned making the first rebate !!!

The length of the base of the hull for each section (the model is being made in two halves to ease transportation). Here Martin is cutting off to length the base board.

To allow for the rounded sides large timber as used to link the bottom with the sides, most of which will be planed away !!! The port side and stern end supporting timbers and glued into place and allowed to set before removal of the clamps where upon the second side piece will be fixed in place.

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