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by Charles Darley

Fabrication the stern section of the hull progresses

Fixing the former and the ply section to the stern section. Note the use of a plastic folder (with a piece of paper inside, which just happened to be to hand) to prevent the glue from sticking the assembled parts to the work bench. Note the use of the template,for the formers, as a temporary former on the outer side of the assembly whilst the glue is setting. Eventually this will be replaced with another former when the line of the side of the model is known.

Close up of the section of the former and ply where it meets the bottom of the forward part of the ship. Eventually an angled part will be made to bridge over to dissimilar ply pieces and strengthen the joint. The clamp is holding in place a glued packing piece to build up the thickness of of the thinner ply.

Here you can see the under side (the outer side of the hull). Note the packing pieces between the bench and the stern section, which brings it level with the remainer of the stern section of hull, and above that the propeller shaft used to ensure correct location of the former and ply.

This picture is looking to the stern of the craft with both sides of the stern section in place and one of the side bottom timbers in place ready to take a side piece. In this picture one of the side timbers is set under a series of clamps. In the centre of the picture you can see the centre line and also the piece of timber set across the centre line also marked up. This is used to ensure that the side pieces are set equally each side of the centre line.

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