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Bob & Ron Lane's Model Boats

Thames Tug BoatA Thames tug boat by Ron Lane, 36" long 10" beam electric powered radio controlled.

Freelance Model Herring DrifterA scale model of a 1890s Dutch tug boat the Pieter Boele, by Bob Lane, the original has been restored and is based in Dordreht in Holland and is working giving trips to visitors, my model has a fibreglass hull, plasticard deck and superstructure. Electric powered 2 speed forward, reverse, fog horn, funnel lights.and is radio controlled.

Pieter BoeleA 38" long freelance model herring drifter, by Bob Lane made from Medium Density Fibre Board using the bread and butter method, it is electric powered with three forward and one reverse speed, a horn electric winch, smoke generator, radio controlled.