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Canals & Narrowboats

CanalThe canals in the United Kingdom form an interconnecting network of some 2500 miles. The locks allow the boats to be moved between different levels of the canal. The locks shown here form part of the Hatton 21.

CanalThe first British canal was the Manchester to Bridgewater canal constructed between 1761 and 1776 built to carry coal from the Duke of Bridgewater's collieries to Manchester. It was engineered James Brindley who was responsible for the development of many canals.

Lock gates Perhaps the earliest canal is the Grand Canal in China that was started in 485 BC.

Canal lock

NarrowboatNarrowboat in a dry dock at the top of the Hatton 21 on the Grand Union Canal.

NarrowboatMany of the narrowboats are painted in a particular style and are now a relaxed way of life for many people. Although, non-perishable goods are again being moved on the canals.


Cottages by the canalThe cottages and buildings along the canals are interesting in their own right and may be a nice place to look for inspiration for that next model house.