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Lights, Sirens, Smoke & Sounds

If you want to make your model more interesting how about adding lights, sirens or sounds?

The items shown here are all produced by Paddle Wheels and available from them direct.

MERCURY two way, and APPOLLO four way mixer amplifiers. Mix 2/4 separate sound inputs to output through one amplifier and a Mylar waterproof speaker [included]. Smart a.b.s. Case complete with mountings.12v dc operation with master volume control.

Mixer AmplifierMixer AmplifierSpeaker

To complement them are a range of sound modules including, diesel engine, steam engine, steam whistle, steam horn, destroyer siren, police/emergency boat siren, and a programmable sound playback module, which can play sounds, sirens, speech, gunfire, music, anything you like really.all these modules connect to the mixer amplifiers to make a complete system.

Sound ModuleSound ModuleSound Module

Also there are three lighting modules. FL1: flicker module. Simulates oil lamps, candles, or even the glow from a boiler.fitted in a smart a.b.s. Case and running on 12-v. dc. FL2: flasher module. Simulates all types of flashing lights on all types of a.b.s. Case and running on 12v.dc. FL3: adjustable flasher module, same as fl2 but with an adjustable flash rate control, to vary the frequency of the a.b.s. Case and running on 12v. Dc.

Lighting Modules

Finally a smoke stack module. Smart a.b.s. Case with mounting.with a reservoir to allow 30---45 minutes running. Supplied with enough distillate for approximately 5/6 refills.running on 12v. Dc.and 2-2.5. Amps running. All the modules except the smoke stack module have screw block connectors for easy installation in your model, and can be supplied 12v. Dc. Via the through put connector on the mixer amplifier. The smoke stack module has a 12v.dc. Fly lead for connection and requires 2.5-3 amps to work correctly.

Smoke ModuleThis article is courtesy of Paddle Wheels. If you would like further details please contact them direct via their website.