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Rodney 1922 - Nelson Class





34,190 (std) - 38,400 (dpl)


710'00" (oa) x 106'00" (bm) x 31'08" (md)


9x16" GP [3x3], 12x6" IM [6x2], 6x47" HA [6x1], 8x2pdr AA [8x1], 2x245" TT [sub beam]


Magazines: 1400" sides, 675" deck.

Machinery: 1300" sides, 425" deck.

Steering: 475" deck, 400" end.

Turrets: 1600" face, 1100-900" sides, 900" rear, 725" roof.

Barbettes: 1500-1200".

Citadel Bulkheads: 1200/800" & 1000". Anti-torpedo Bulkhead: 150".


2-shaft Geared Steam Turbines [8 boilers] - 3,965t Oil


45,000shp = 2325kts (std) - 2275kts (dpl) [8,900nm at 15kts]




Construction Details

Ship Builder

Cammell Laird (Birkenhead)

Laid Down






Service & Fate

HMS Rodney saw service from Nov-1927 to Mar-1948

Arriving for breaking up in Mar 1948.

HMS Rodney Short history

December 28, 1922

Rodney and Nelson (Sister ship) were laid down. Nicknamed the Cherrytrees because they were cut down by Washington (Naval treaty). They were the only British ships to mount 16" guns and to carry main armamant in triple turrets.


September 25, 1939

Rodney and Sheffield first to use air-warning radar at sea.


April 9, 1940

Rodney damaged by German aircraft off Karmo Island, West of Bergen.


May 27, 1941

One of a force under Admiral Sir John Tovey which sank the battleship Bismarck in the Atlantic after chase lasting 4 days.


September 28, 1941

Took part in Operation Halberd. Convoy to relieve Malta.


August 14, 1941

Took part in Operation Pedestal as part of Z Force which included HMS Nelson, Rodney, Eagle, Indomitable and Victorious, to enable Malta to survive the siege.


November 8, 1942

Took part in Operation Torch. The landing in North Africa.


July 10, 1943

Took part in Operation Husky. The landing in Sicily.


August 31, 1943

Nelson, Rodney and Orion, in Messina Strait, bombarded the Calabrian coast. Operation Hammer.


June 6, 1944

Took part in operation Neptune. Normandy landings.