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Milling Machine

Well, I've been looking around for a milling machine for some time and finally settled on the Warco WM14 - now updated with a fine feed. So today I ordered one from their website along with accessories. Great, finally got my order in - 90 minutes later I get a refund with no explanation - so I phone up to find out that they went out of stock yesterday and did not update their website.............the second time this has happened to me, last year I ordered a grinder only to find out that they were on order and would be 4 weeks all I can say is nice tools, but boy oh boy they need a better stock system and at the same time need to update their brochure as the prices give you false hope.

My advice is look at the items you want, then phone them up and order so that you know exactly what is in stock and what the correct prices are - you have been warned.

10 March 2010 | Nigel

Models, Kits and Plans

It's been a busy month, a new model on the workbench (Wagon Wheel Stirling Engine) and a new site. The new site is hosted as part of and is really just a new section, but the intention is to create a resource that allows you to find models, kits and plans of a particular model - e.g Supermarine Spitfire. It is a work in progress, but have a look and see what you think. If you want to contribute to this new site we can create a login for you.

19 September 2009 | Nigel


Some years ago I tried a daylight bulb and the light from it was fantastic, but being an incandescent bulb it didn't last that long. Also, the rest of the house uses low energy bulbs and I'm tight........well, just came across the energy saving version and wow - now we get a better light to work by and cheap to run.

Check them out at:

2 August 2009 | Nigel

Ready to Fly

We've been getting into the RTF world. I've bought an Eflite mCX helicopter and Dave has bought a ST Models DG 1000 powered sailplane. Absolutely addictive and great models on both counts. The cheapness of complex electronics is really having a marked effect on the radio controlled model world - these two models are just the tip of the iceberg.

7 June 2009 | Nigel

Spare parts for a Drummond Round Bed Lathe

A friend asked me to make some replacement parts for a lathe he is restoring. I checked the thread on the part and it was 1/4" 26tpi BSF - a die I don't have. Well, quick search and found best price was from Grove Components Ordered the die at 3pm Friday afternoon and it arrived saturday morning in the normal post. Great service. Also, great service from our post office - these guys need some praise sometimes.

3 May 2009 | Nigel

Warhammer Titan

OK, a very different model on the workbench at the moment, a Warhammer Titan. You just cannot buy them at the size we're building and the smaller sizes cost hundreds. This is a very different model as we are building it on the fly with no plans, just some pictures and rough sizes from others on the internet. Have a look at our article: Titan.

It's constructed from layers of 3mm MDF - which must admit not the nicest of materials to work with as you need lots of extraction and a mask - but the upside is that it is very easy to use to develop models such as this.

20 April 2009 | Nigel

Model Engineering Exhibition 2009

Model Engineering on Sat. expensive to get in at £9.50 bit disappointed with what where there. Same old models as last year. No radio controlled trucks. Didn't miss much.

23 January 2009 | Dave


We were contacted by Rocket Store Limited and asked if we had considered adding a rockets section. Well, not enough for a complete section yet, but have added pages for: Rocket Clubs, Rocket Links, Rocket Museums and Rocket Shops.

We don't have many listings as yet and so are looking for all of you out there to send us appropriate material....look forward to hearing from you.

22 January 2009 | Nigel

Tools for Model Engineers

Looking around at tools made us think that it would be good to have a section dedicated to different tools. Most of the information is already there in our glossary pages, but we thought it would be nice if there was one page that listed all of these pages - Tools.

Reviews - we plan on reviewing some model makers tools and giving our verdict and adding it to this new section.

19 December 2008 | Nigel


We were in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham today and unexpectedly came across a great tool shop - HS Walsh. If you're after small hammers, pliers, abrasvies, solders and far far more then this is a great place to visit. may cost you to actually visit the store as there are a lot of jewellery shops nearby, but might be worth the brownie points as you can then buy some very nice quality tools.

2 December 2008 | Nigel

Wood and Metal Beam Engine

The latest project in the workshop is a beam engine with a nice simple wooden frame - article. Interestingly there are a lot of examples of wood framed beam engines, in particular Newcomen's original engines - a great description with photos of an example in the Henry Ford Museum is here:

11 November 2008 | Nigel

Model Making Book

Just been contacted by David Neat about his new book, 'Model-making: Materials and Methods', which although aimed at those professionally involved with various types of model-making, attempts to explain materials and techniques in a clear and uncomplicated way, suitable also for beginners or hobby enthusiasts.

28 September 2008 | Nigel

Engine Photographs

For quite some time Dave and I have been collecting photographs of engines and adding them to our database. As a start we have 34 different engine types and over 100 photographs in total now available to view online

We hope that these may inspire the next engine model. If they do please drop us a line as we would love to hear from you.

Old Projects

The other day we were looking through some old kits that we had bought and then put to one side. The kit was a Tamiya Tiger I in 1/35th scale, interesting, but more interesting was a bag of bits that had been left inside the box. These were the parts we had started making with the idea of building a large scale radio control tank (1/8th scale). This brought back a lot of memories and the initial urge to continue making the parts for this large tank.

The pattern that was made up for a track link was rather nice. Made from brass and silver soldered and soldered together. The resultant link has a rather nice feel and weight to it.

From the brass master we made a vulcanised rubber mould and then had cast some links in pewter. The image to the left shows two of these links assembled. The motion and weight of this pair of links is great. Then I remembered how the next stage felt very daunting - I would need 100 or more of these links! All carefully cast, cleaned, drilled and assembled. Hmm, not so sure now I want to continue - there are other projects in my head that are far more interesting.......maybe that small v-twin running on lighter fuel should be the next project....I wonder.

July 2008 | Nigel

Doodling with Wire

Weird maybe, but we were talking about making trees for a Warhammer diorama and I started doodling with some copper wire from a piece of 13amp flex. I stripped the plastic away and bundled the wire together and twisted the middle. Then it was just a case of pulling the wire into ever decreasing bundles and twisting, splitting into smaller bundles and so on.

This is where I got to, but with some spray paint and then some acrylic on top it would start to look rather good.

If you then cut some small pieces of green paper, apply some PVA glue to the upper wires and then sprinkle the leaves on you would then have something rather nice.

January 2008 | Nigel

London Model Engineering Exhibition

Review of the Model Engineering Exhibition 2008

Over the weekend I bought the magazine that has just been published celebrating 100 years of the Model Engineer Exhibition and it made me wonder whether I had missed the show as it always occurs around this time of year. Then checked my email and had recieved this promoting the event:

The London Model Engineering Exhibition welcomes people of all ages to the unusual and wonderful world of modelling! Experience a day of whirring steam engines and miniature models of every variety, capturing the imagination of young and old. The exhibition floor will be filled with hundreds of remarkable and intricate models, boats, tanks, trucks, planes and traditional steam engines to intrigue and inspire a new generation of modellers. There will be over 1,000 models on display, ranging from the earliest replicas of famous steam trains, to more cutting edge representations of fighter jets from the modern day. The show offers younger visitors the chance to enjoy and learn more about modelling in the Model Active Zone. This interactive area features an exciting array of remote control models, including a flying arena for planes and helicopters, as well as model tank and train displays, ideal for kids who want to see the models in action!

Guests will also have the opportunity to purchase modelling equipment and tools from a selection of over 90 specialist suppliers. From materials to machinery, the show will deliver everything a modeller could possibly need to build their next, or even their first, modelling masterpiece. So, whether you’re completely new to the hobby or you’ve been building trains for fifty years, the London Model Engineering Exhibition provides the perfect day out for all the family.

Times: Friday 18th & Saturday19th: 10am -5pm and Sunday 20th: 10am – 4pm

Prices: Children: £5.50, Senior Citizens: £8.50, Adults: £9.50, Family ticket 1 (1 adult and up to 3 children): £15.00, Family ticket 2 (2 adults and upto 3 children: £24.50.

This is one of the great shows to inspire model makers and must admit well worth going to, order online or just buy tickets on the door.

January 2008 | Nigel

Christmas Presents

A micro/nano helicopter. This is seriously good fun and must admit has made me start searching for something even better with more control, I may be hooked. Read the review.

January 2008 | Nigel

New CSS Layout

We finally decided to bite the bullet and rewrite the site and try to make it simpler without the frames. This now means that if you find an article you can properly bookmark it - wow I hear you say. Well it's not all there yet, but we've modified most of the pages, some to still to go such as the model engineering glossary and still some tidying up and info to add. If there is anything you don't think is correct or you're not happy with then drop me a line - thanks Nigel.

October 2007 | Nigel

Low temperature stirling

I've been interested in building one of these for years and finally I've got round to it. As with most of my projects there were no plans and it ran after a fashion. Once I've finished some of my other jobs I'll get round to modifying it so that it runs better, but must admit great fun and was a great sideline from what I was supposed to be doing which was building a kitchen.

This short video shows it running, roughly 60rpm and runs for about 20 minutes on a mug of hot water.

September 2007 | Nigel

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