Diecast Models
Most people grow up playing with diecast toys of one kind or another. Some of those scratched old favourites may now be very valuable, perhaps even more so if they had been kept in their original boxes or paint work not changed or if they hadn't been used for "banger racing". At least they were loved and used for what they were intended. It might be that we should think that they have had a sad and solitary life if they are still pristine and in their original packaging!.
Food for thought. Ed


Anson Scale Models
Established in 1992, Anson are one of the few independent diecast manufacturers in the Far-East. Anson pride themselves on the quality of their workmanship and strict quality control.
Brumm (Italy)
Started by three friends and named after the hackney cab drivers of Milan. The 1:43 scale models cover a vast range of historical vehicles, some 250 types are now included in their catalogue.
Corgi (UK)
Started in 1934 by Mettoy of Swansea and named after the breed of dog. Since then a many and varied history. They are now owned by Zindart based in Hong Kong, American owned.
Dinky (UK)
First shown in April 1934 and started by Meccano Ltd to accompany the famous Hornby train sets.
The ERTL company was formed by the German born Fred J. Ertl Sr. in 1945 in Dubuque, Iowa. Starting with farm machinery the range has broadened and expanded.
Hot Wheels
Going since 1968 the Hot Wheels range has included many unusual and fun vehicles that always whizzed along whether on carpet or track.
Formed by one of the founders of Matchbox, John Odell, in 1983. Note the spelling of his surname. A vast number of colour schemes and company names were used to decorate some 30 base model derivatives. Some of these models in rare colour schemes are now very valuable and sought after.
Matchbox Toys
The first 1 to 75 series were produced by Lesney Products Ltd in 1953. Matchbox models are collected the world over. The range of over 500 models has made them particularly sought after as it is possible to specialise in collecting one type e.g. buses, commercial vehicles, motorcycles.

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