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1/8th Scale Ford Model T

Built from Scratch by Nigel Taylor.

1/8th Scale Ford Model TI don't remember quite where the plans for this particular model came from. However, I do remember them being in 1/12th scale. A simple multiplication allowed me to scale all of the dimensions on the fly. The materials were chosen to suite the part and the construction method. The frame was constructed first from beech. All of the other parts were bolted to this with 12BA nuts and bolts. This had the advantage of allowing all parts to be bolted together as they were made and then disassembled prior to painting and final construction. The main body is a lime frame on a 1/8" thick ply base. The frame was skinned with 1/32" thick ply. The ply was cut larger than necessary and steamed to allow it to conform to the double compound curves and glued. Once the glue had been left to set for some time the ply was trimmed back to size. The outer wheel rims were machined from lime. A length of wood was machined and sanded to the cross-sectional shape of the wheel spokes before being cut to length. The wheels were constructed using a carefully made jig that held each spoke in position whilst the glue set.

The interior is lined with veneer and the seats were covered in leather and carefully buttoned to give them a luxurious feel.

Although not perfectly to scale the result is very pleasing and still holds pride of place in a case on my book shelves some 20 years leter.