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Picaxe Robot - Part 4

The wings were made from walnut with thin ebony guards over the wheels. Sitting on top of these are the port and starboard lights.

For the lights I bought some small test tubes: 50mm long and 6mm outside diameter.

The wire you can see in the test tube is enamelled copper wire that has been wound around a screwdriver and to get the shape. The wire was then pushed into the test tube.

An LED was then machined down to 4.5mm OD and glued into the end of the test tube using 5 minute epoxy.

These test tube are quite fragile and I must admit to being a bit concerned if I break one on the model as I will need to remove the wing and then the housing that the test tube was glued into.

Another admission is I did not have any green enamelled wire and so used blue with a green LED on the left hand side and red wire with a red LED on the right hand side.

The seats consist of a piece of machined wood on the bottom that was then covered in rubberised cloth - this was stuck down using evostick.

The back of the seat is made from 1.5mm plywood, again covered with the red rubberised cloth. The top curved beam was cut from 3mm thick walnut and then glued onto the top edge of the plywood.

You can just make out a nail in the curved back at the lower corner that I used to hold the plywood firmly - I pre-drilled a 1.5mm hole and then fixed the nail into the hole using instant adhesive.

The robot needs a character to be sitting in the driving after much thought I created a simple copper wire stick-man. Also, you can now see the tiller-arm in place.

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