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Picaxe Robot - Part 5

Sometimes it is great to build the fun parts and so I thought the person needed a hat. If anything it needed to be a tall hat made from tin plate.

I rolled up a piece of tin into a cylinder, flanged the two edges so that they clipped together and then made the top of the hat and pushed it into the cylinder. The bottom was simply a circle with a hole punched in the middle.

The edge of the hat was worked with a pair of pliers and then lightly sanded to give a smooth edge.

The hat was soldered together by holding the hat in a flame and getting it hot and then applying lots of solder.

After cooling the hat was then sanded to remove the sharp edges and any odd bits and then buffed using a fine brass wire brush.

The LDR (light dependent resistors) are going to be arranged so that I can detect light on the left and right hand side and then move towards the brighter side.

The LDR′s were fixed into brass hexagons that are fixed to the main body of the robot using brass tube. As you can see I need to make a top and bottom for each of these fixings to complete them.

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