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Bog Oak Chair

By: Nigel Taylor

I was in a discussion with a colleague at work when his mobile phone rang. When he finished the call he said that a friend was stood with a chainsaw over some bog oak asking roughly what size he wanted it chopped into. Well, having never machined bog oak I asked if I could have some offcuts.

Some weeks later I was given some pieces roughly 1" x 1" x 4". I painted the ends with PVA glue and placed them in the eaves of my shed and forgot about them for some time.

Well I've been looking at making a corner chair for some time to add to my "cube" and this bog oak would make it something special.

It took me some time to work out how to make the seat. In the end I decided on bamboo. Slivers of bamboo were planed from a garden cane and then split into pieces roughly 2mm wide. These were then woven - this took some time using a loom made for the job. I kept wetting the bamboo to keep it pliable.

The back is made from three peices of bog oak that were steamed and laminated around a large round mandrel and then left to dry.

These steamed pieces were then glued together using PVA glue and again formed around the mandrel and left to set.

Once the laminations had set they were carved into the shape of the back.

The result is a 1/12th scale chair that is made from bog oak - maybe a thousand or more years old.

The actual size of the chair is clear when held in a hand!.