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Mansions by Melanie

By: Melanie Stein

I make three-dimensional models of houses. I make them to scale using plans or I can make them from photos. Models from photos will be as close to scale as possible as without measurements, it will just be a guess of sizes of the different elements of the model.

I have made models for builders and have made some for people who want a model of the house they live in or the house of a loved one to give as a gift.

I construct the models out of heavy-textured paper and paint the details with acrylic paint. I measure and draw all the wall pieces first. Then I paint all the detail. I glue foam board to the backs of the larger sections of walls to give the them extra stability. Then I glue the wall pieces to a foam board base.

When all the walls are in place, I make all the eaves and glue them on. Next I work on the roof, drawing a few sections at a time making sure they fit correctly. Next I paint those pieces of roof and glue them into position. Then I do the same thing with the next section of roof and so on until all the roof is completed.

I can construct the models from photos or architectural plans. Of course making them from architectural plans is best and most accurate. The model of the castle was done from photos with a few dimensional measurements given to me by my client.

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