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1/12th Scale Oval Table

Designed and built by: Nigel Taylor

table shown in cube room display

This is a 1/12th scale oval table built in walnut and displayed here in a room in a cube.

The top is made from a number of walnut planks glued together with PVA glue and left clamped over night to set. The top was then sanded to give a 2.5mm thick plank that was then cut into the oval shape using a paper oval template.

The edge of the oval was sanded before sanding the top surface using a very fine grade sandpaper and then finally finishing the surface using fine wire wool.

table shown in cube room display

The legs were sawn using a fine circular was to give a 4.5mm square leg. These were cut to length usind a fine handsaw in a jig and the grooves down the middle were machined using the circular saw set to a depth of roughly 1mm.

The legs and side boards were assembled using an engineers square to ensure that all was square. This was left to set before fixing the legs to the under surface of the oval top.

The final cross braces give the table a more refined look and have the effect of reducing the height. These braces were cut at the ends to fit snuggly onto the legs and simple half joint cut where the braces overlap.

A simple plan is available from here.

Designed and built by: Nigel Taylor