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"Old House" - Part 2

By Panfilo Castro Jr

This old house is built to 1:64 proportions, or s-scale. It is entirely built from scratch...from the lathe machine to the bicycle. I used a stiff matboard/ or chipboard for the basic walls, then covered them with strip wood and wood veneer strips installed board by board to simulate uneven siding. All wood parts have been pre-weathered using an alcohol-india ink mix. The masonry walls (the ground floor) is made of styrene, spray painted with acrylics, and weathered with the alcohol-ink mix. The "cracks" on the walls were simlply done by "scribing" the walls with crack-like patterns using a sharp hobby knife. The concrete patches and rough plastering were done by randomly applying a joint compound or an acrylic latex putty. When painted and weathered, it gave the wall a unique texture than just being flat. The roof is made of thin card stock, scribed to simulate corrugated roofing. I first sprayed the roof sheets with flat silver, then dry brushed a few dark tones like black and dark brown, then dusted some burnt seina powdered tempera for a rusty effect. Then I sealed the weathering with a light mist of dullcoat or clear.

This diorama fits a 10 x 10" base made of rigid styrofoam, and is displayed in my office.

I hope I answered most of the questions.

Panfilo Castro Jr.
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