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Model Screen

By: Beatrice & Nigel Taylor

The challenge was to build a small model screen for Beatrice's shop cabinet.

My template was a folded card screen that Beatrice had made and was using.

This is actually a great way to start with any piece of model furniture as it allows you to place the piece in the setting and get an idea as to the correct scale. Or simply just to find our if it fits and where it should go.

I stripped down a piece of wood to 5mm square cross-section.

This was then cut into 6 longer pieces for the uprights and 6 stretchers.

I cut 3 wooden panels (2 shown) from 1.5mm thick wood.

Ensure these are all the same size.

I machined a groove 1.5mm wide and about 1mm deep into the frame pieces using the circular saw.

The wood panels fit neatly into the wooden frame.

The frames and panels were then glued together using PVA glue.

Take some time and wipe away any excess glue.

The frames all glued and held together using masking tape.

The hinges were tiny - shown here in the plastic bag (4 off with pins cost me 95 pence from the local dolls house shop).

I cut the hinges into the wooden frame and firstly glued them into place using super glue.

I then drilled the holes where the pins were going, placed some super glue in the holes and pushed the pins in.

Once dry and varnished the end result is rather pleasing.

This shows the finished frame in place in the shop window. Now painted with flowers by Beatrice.

One side has flowers painted on, the other plain so that the look can be changed.

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