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1/12th Scale Model Shop

Designed and built by: Roy Louis Taylor

1/12th Scale Model Shop

A model of an antique shop. Building an antique shop allows you to mix furniture, paintings, ceramics and all manner of items from all ages.

shop front

The shop front opens on both left and right hand side to reveal the inside. Note the glass panel in the roof allows in lots of light at the same time as allowing the model to be viewed from the top. The bricks were produced by rolling a thin layer of modelling clay and glueing it to the wooden panels of the shop. The clay was then covered in cling film whilst still workable and the bricks formed using a brick stamp. Once all had been moulded the cling film was removed and the clay allowed to dry before being painted. The glass panel in the door was cleaned thoroughly before wax based transfers were applied, an etching solution was then applied evenly over the glass and left to work. The result is a realistically etched shop glass door panel.

chess table

All of the items inside were designed and built to a scale of 1/12th scale by Roy Louis. This particular photograph shows a chess table with a pewter bowl and a photograph reduced in size and mounted in a pewter frame. What appears to be a glass vase is actually made of perspex. Some very careful machining and finishing required here.


Although, the books do not open to reveal scale writing and the candles cannot be lit the 1/12th scale model zoetrope does work very well.

An excellent model to show off some of the possibilities for the model maker or the collector. If you have a similar model then why not send in some photographs and details. We even welcome photographs and details of models from the commercial sector (a free advert).