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Armortek - Tiger I

For the last 20 years I have been making armor kits, mostly in 1/35 scale. I then tried making kits from Tamiya and Bandi in 1/16 and 1/15 scale. I fell in love making armor kits in a larger scale.

Then one day while surfing the web, I found an add on a local web site. This site talked about a company out of England called Armortek that makes 1/6 scale all metal Tiger 1 kits.

I was able to contact Armortek and buy one of the last kits still available in their first production run. The kit, however, is not cheap, but worth every penny. It is half the price of some of the other 1/6 scale tiger tank kits on the current market.

The kit, due to its large size and weight, does take up a lot of room. So if you do get this kit in the next production run, you will need a room just for putting the kit together.

As the photos show this kit does take a while to make and is not for someone who does not have good model making skills. The directions that come with the kit, however are good, plus the people at Armortek do have a forum on their site just for other owners of this kit to share ideas and help each other out with any problems.

You can visit Amortek at:

Author: David Sams