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D-Day Bunker

By: Nick Nasta -

This D-Day style German bunker was scratch built using styrofoam for the base and bunker. The foam was covered with a plaster of Paris and mortar mix and the ground was then layered with semi fine dirt,shrubs,and other greenery. The barbed wire, flag pole,etc were all handmade. On this diorama I didn't add the barbs on the wire, I didn't feel like getting stabbed!

The camo netting is gauze and plastic netting and the sand bags on the top of the bunker were individually made and tied at the ends with a fine thread. The top of the bunker comes off so you can see the inside.

If you′ve spent the last days, weeks or months building a model that you are really proud of and want to pass on some of your knowledge then why not write a brief article and send it to us along with a few images of the model? ed

This is the rear of the bunker. The steel door, outside light and rail were all handmade. The crates were cast from an original and reproduced using plaster of Paris.

The tire, drum and sandbags on this side were also cast from an original and reproduced using plaster of Paris.

This is the inside of the bunker. The table, light, air vents and storage cabinet were all handmade.

By: Nick Nasta

Nick has just sent me a link to a great video he has produced using the scenes he makes with Alex: