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D-Day Diorama

By: Sean Maley

I did this diorama for the D-Day celebrations in June 2004.The model vehicles are 1:48 or 1:50 scale and are Solido/Gaso.line conversions or Bandai kits or Verlinden models. If you don't know about these conversions the standard Solido models which are die-cast do not have very much detail or decent paint jobs so I improve them by taking the Gaso.line kits and modifying the Solido ones.I then give them an extra special paint job. The Solido base models are best because they have the metal tracks.

For the diorama I believe in using as natural as possible materials hence huge lumps of sanstone for the cliffs and real sand and pebbles for the beach ( 10mm pea shingle is best for the scale ) Mine holed ground is ordinary garden multipurpose compost heaped and a finger put in the middle to create the crater. The sea was created using my one and only piece of blue/green bubble wrap (believe me you cannot find another peice anywhere I have tried).

If you′ve spent the last days, weeks or months building a model that you are really proud of and want to pass on some of your knowledge then why not write a brief article and send it to us along with a few images of the model? ed

The scale of some items may look a little dubious in the pictures but distance perspective standing away from the table takes care of that. This diorama is unusual in that it can be dismantled at any time and set up elsewhere within an hour or two. I hope to do the Ardennes Dec 1944 next.

By: Sean Maley