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D-Day plus 12 Diorama

By: Sean Maley

Preparations for this years War and Peace Show ( the worlds largest military show. Along with the real tanks , halftracks , jeeps and all manner of military vehicles from WW1 to present day there is also a very large model marquee where military model enthusiasts from all over the world gather. I am continuing my theme of DDay to Berlin now incorporating a Diorama set of about 20 feet by 10 feet. This will represent DDay plus 12 the push at Caen. The pictures shown give an idea of the sheer quantity of armour models I will be displaying and the scale of task to set all this up.

If you′ve spent the last days, weeks or months building a model that you are really proud of and want to pass on some of your knowledge then why not write a brief article and send it to us along with a few images of the model? ed

Buildings and bridges will also be a feature and indeed a complete village with church and graveyard. My dioramas are unusual for the fact that they can be transported in bits and set up anywhere.

Find more details of the show at:

View photographs of the diorama as shown at the War & Peace show - Part 2.

By: Sean Maley