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Specialists in High Detailed Historical/Collectable Figures, Toy Soldiers and Dollshouse Fireplaces and Surrounds.

The first photo is a collection of animals dressed as medieval figures. The figures are all cast white metal and are 54mm in size. The animals are a pig dressed in medieval soldier clothing,a dog in medieval clothing carrying bag,a mouse in robe,a hedgehog in medieval clothing and a badger as a medieval soldier. The figures can be purchased as single figures or as a set. They are sold as un-painted figures and the photo is for illustration purposes only. We do offer a painting service if required.

The second photo is Major Marcos a Reno from our range of figures from the reno retreat series. There are 6 mounted figures in this range and they are all real characters from the battle. The body of the horses are a one piece hollow casting which shows a greater detail on the horses. The figures are cast white metal and are 54mm in size.

We have many more figures in different sizes and diffent eras which are supplied painted and click on the link below and come over a leave a message in my guestbook and say hello.