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Ruined Church - A Natural Diorama

By: David Mackenzie

The diorama uses the ruined church that was a feature of the large battlefield, but was not particularly prominent as it was squeezed into a corner.

The church is scratch built and sits on a polystyrene base to protect the wood from water damage.

The large battlefield had to be broken up as it was suffering from water damage. It wasn’t really built to last for 12 years! The new diorama has a scratch built tray which is seriously waterproofed, and should have an almost indefinite lifespan.

The idea was to make the church the main feature of the new diorama and I was pleased with the overall result. It is still work in progress though, as I am planning on making some alterations to it in the Spring, when additional trees will be added and some other minor adjustments made.

If you have any similar models then we would like to hear about them, ed.