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WWII Diorama

By: Nick Nasta

"Road Block Party"

This diorama is called "Road Block Party" it is 1/32 scale. The soldiers are drinking while on duty. The soldiers are AIRFIX multipose. The bottles were hand carved from wood and labels glued on. The diorama is scratch built. The base is Styrofoam,cobble stone was individually cut out and placed to make the road. The sidewalk was basically the same method,both street and sidewalk were covered with a light coat of mortar. The rubble is mostly wood sticks which were soaked in a black paint/stain solution for a few days,dried and white glued into position. Small bricks and misc. concrete pieces were also placed into the solution prior to gluing. I cut out small pieces of cork for most of my brick debris. I use whatever material that works at the time. The soldiers are put together and painted. I added a strap for the rifle. The barbed wire is also hand made. That can be painful at times making the barbs.


This scratch built diorama is called, "AMBUSHED" and it is 1'35 scale with Tamiya soldiers. American soldiers have surrounded a German vehicle causing the Germans to bail out and run. Some are killed. The buildings are made from foam board and layered with mortar. The shutters are made from thin card board from cereal boxes,etc...The lamps are made from costume jewelry and wire. The debris is made the same way as all of my debris. The base is a thick piece of Styrofoam which is also coated with mortar. The road is layered with fine filtered dirt.

"This Town is Clear"

This scratch built diorama is 1/32 scale and it is called, "This Town is Clear". A lone U.S. (AIRFIX) soldier is walking through the streets of an abandoned town. The process of making the diorama is the same for all of my work. I'm not sure where I got the wagon from.

"Charred House"

This next scratch built diorama is called "Charred House" and it is 1/32 scale. This diorama has no figures in it. All is made from scratch,even the 55 gallon drum. The shingles are made from tree bark!

"Japanese Cave"

This scratch diorama is called, "Japanese Cave" with metal 1/32 Figarti soldiers. The palm type trees are hand made,the dock and ladder is also. The diorama was first formed with Styrofoam,layered with material and then coated with mortar and painted. The water is a urethane and white glue mix. The sandbags and barbed wire are hand made also.

"I Think We Are Lost"

Scratch built WW2 scene with 1/35 scale Tamiya American soldiers. Soldiers are walking on a dirt road and come across a sign which reads, Mines. Trees are from real branches and the leaves are parsley flakes.

"Behind The Wall"

Scratch built WW2 scene with 1/35 scale Tamiya German soldiers. Wall is made with plaster of Paris and hand carved.

"Not Out of the Woods Yet"

Scratch built WW2 scene with 1/35 Tamiya German soldiers. Soldiers are on patrol through a wooded area with a stream. The stream is made with a urethane and white glue mix.

By: Nick Nasta

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