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Multicylinder Engines

by: Ron & Bob Lane

40cc 5 Cylinder Radial

40cc 5 cylinder radial in partsThis 40cc 5 cyl radial powered a Flair Hannibal modified to look like a german Fokker Eindecker. To stop the bottom cylinders oiling up the engine was installed with the top cylinder veritcal so that the bottom cylinders laid each side and prevented any oil draining into the plug. Using a 20" diameter x 10" pitch propeller the maximum speed was 4500rpm, on tickover you can almost see the prop turning. Radial installed in Flair HannibalAn on board battery and a micro switch allows the glow plugs to be heated on low throttle to improve the reliability of tickover.

64cc V8

64cc V8

This 64cc V8 powered a 1/5th scale Hawker Hurricane.

Hawker Hurricane
Crank, crankcase, conrods....

The V8 engine in parts shows off the engineering. All of the cylinders of all of the engines are of 8cc. This enabled a jig to be made so that all the barrels, pistons and valves are standard.

48cc Flat Six

64cc V8

40cc 5 Cylinder Radial
Flat six, V8 and five cylinder radial

Flat Four

32cc Flat Four

Note the open rockers and pushrods.

16cc Opposed Twin

16cc Opposed Twin

The flat 4 and flat twin have only been run on the bench, all are glow plug engines and all were made by Ron Lane using a Myford super seven lathe and a small milling machine.

Stampe SV4This 1/4 scale Stampe SV4 is powered by a 20cc Enya. The Rothmans crown and lion motifs were cut from gold leaf paper by Wendy Lane.

The photographs and words were kindly supplied by Ron & Bob Lane. If you would like to contribute to these pages please drop us a line. ed.

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