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Model Engineer Exhibition 2008

The Model Engineer Exhibition was held this year at Alexander Palace. My son and I thought we would take a trip (20 Jan 2008) there as he hadnít been before.

I thought that this year the show seemed a little smaller than other years but nether the less it still had lots to offer with engineering and models of all types to drool over.

The first exhibit that caught our eye was a very large, huge in fact, Tiger tank standing maybe 2 to 3 foot tall and making all the right sounds with itís onboard sound system and tank commander moving his arms and head. Very impressive, heavy and costly.

Still looking at radio control there were some articulated trucks backing and hitching trailers, hovercrafts and in the corner, which was netted off for safety, there were some indoor flying with both helicopters and shock flyers. [Indoor aerobatic depron profile planes]

We then went over to look at the static models. A good selection ranging from figures, ships, boats ,vehicles and aircraft. One which I particularly liked was a Piper Cub 1/35 scale and built from a resin kit. Further along there was a landing craft Dioramer and aircraft carrier scenes.

West Middlesex Scale Model Club

Another stand was exhibiting small engines of all types and the work that goes into these is tremendous and ore inspiring I take my hat off to you.

There were the usual variety of trade stands selling tools and machines from lathes to airbrushes, milling machines to tins of paint in accurate colours for that scale model youíve got at home on the bench.

We came home with some rechargeable flight batteries for the new season ahead and a friend of ours bought an indoor helicopter.

As you can see from some of the photoís there is a lot of highly skilled people at the show and well worth a visit if only to dream of what you might get.

Think about going next year. A good day out.