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Mill Vertical Setup

Most milling machines allow the head to be tilted or the whole vertical pillar to be tilted. This allows parts to be machined at something other than 90°.

Sometimes it is easier to angle the workpiece as setting the milling head back to 90° can be a real faff.

One method is to use an engineer′s square with a rod held in the chuck. You can then check how square the rod is to the table with the square.

This accuracy depends on how accurate you can check the alignment of the square with the rod.

An alternative method is as shown here.

The dial gauge is clamped in the chuck using the bars from a magnetic stand.

Here you can see I have use ground blocks (1 2 3 Blocks) on each end of the table - check their accuracy before you start or they will be the limiting factor.

Then simply swing the dial gauge back and forth and gradually adjust the column until the dial gauge reads the same on each side.

We have recently reviewed the Amadeal XJ12-300 milling machine which prompted these checks.

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