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When machining rings of wood or metal you can put a lot of work into turning the ring only for it to be destroyed in the parting-off process.

One way around this is to place a plane bar in the tailstock chuck and this up to support the ring once it has been parted off.

The picture to the right shows a piece of Yew being turned in my Hobbymat MD65 lathe.

A piece of approximately 8mm bar has been brought up to the workpiece and sits just inside the cavity that has been turned.

The workpiece is spinning and being parted off. A simple process, just take your time.

There is no need to worry about the parting tool going through the workpiece and getting jammed on the bar. Both the parting tool and bar in the tailstock are stationary.

As the ring gets detatched it spins off and comes to rest hanging on the bar.

It should be noted that this does not guarantee that the workpiece is not damaged or destroyed as it leaves the lathe, but on delicate pieces I have found that this helps quite considerably.

See also: Lathe, Parting-off.