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Traction Engine

A self contained steam driven tractor used commercially from the 1850′s to the 1950′s.

Popular as models as they are a self contained unit, generally ranging in scale from 1 inch (1/12th fullsize) up to 8 inch (2/3rds full fize).

Manufacturers, shops and auction houses are listed on our website - Traction Engine Shops and Manufacturers

There are many different traction engine models that are available as plans, kits and ready to run and some that are freelance designs. I will try and add different models here as I see them, please feel free to send me images and details of traction engines, we are always happy to add a special page on any particular model.


1.5" Scale Alchin

A nice example of the engine that has been used.

A more pristine example of a 1.5" Alchin.

You can clearly see the 2-speed gearbox.


If you have a Burrell and would like to contribute to these pages then please do let me know: ed


4" Scale Foster

This is a 4" Foster built by Dave Utteridge and pictured here at the 2013 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition.

The proportions of this engine look just right from any angle.

4" or 1/3rd scale make this a very useable engine with the seat overhanging the rear and with a pair of footrests it was easy to just drive this around the field.


1" Scale Foowler Ploughing Engine

This is the Maxitrak 1" scale Fowler ploughing engine.

This is a compound engine with a HP cylinder 14x25mm and LP cylinder 20x25mm

This engine is supplied as a machined kit or ready to run and is a nice working steam engine of a scale that you can place on a shelf: 574mm long, 14 kg with a rear wheel diameter of 170mm

See also: Engine.

Model Engineering Glossary: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z