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Our new section with details on materials, reviews and links to interesting resources. If you would like to suggest any ideas then email.


Review - Akasa Cleaner - a simple cleaner that smells ok and removes grease very easily.


A composite material that is quite easy to machine. The range of colours is fabulous and if you select the colour carefully can look like ceramic - so great for making items for dolls houses, have also seen people use it for the insulator in working spark plugs.

Note: this is a trademark of Du Pont, the official website for this material is here:


Read our glossary page for more general information about Glue.

Review - Evo Stik Wood Glue - not the best wood glue, but the default wood glue that you can rely on for everyday jobs.

Review - Gorilla Glue - according to the information this will glue: stone, metal, ceramics, glass, wood, foam and more....

Review - Roket Rapid - An instant glue from Deluxe Materials.

Make - Thermally Conductive Epoxy - my thought was to make a thermally conductive epoxy.

Review - Titebond Original - An aliphatic wood working glue that really is stronger than the wood.

Review - Titebond II - An interior and exterior version of the original Titebond glue.

Review - Vital Bond Cyno - A really thick cyno.

Metal Surface Treatment

Review - Birchwood Gun Blue - works brilliantly on mild steel, turning the surface a lovely black.


Read our glossary page for more general information about Paint.

Review - Liberon Metallic Effect - An acrylic based paint.

We also have a page listing all of our tool reviews.