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Liberon Metallic Effect Paint

This is an acrylic paint.


The paint comes in 250ml plastic pots with a screw top.

This paint is for interior use only and has low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) so should not give you a headache whilst painting. The 250ml pot should cover 2.5m2 which is a reasonable area - enough to cover the small cabinet we were working on with at least 4 coats.

You can wash your brushes out with water which makes life very easy.

After the first coat the results are very reasonable (image to the left). Left this to dry for a day (after 2 hours it is dry to touch) and then lightly rubbed it down with sandpaper and gave a second coat.

This paint is quite hard to use and get the coverage. Brush strokes are evident, but somehow they add to the overall effect.

Ended up using 4 coats to see how metallic an effect we could get and the results were rather nice, you can see the brush marks in places and so worth following the advice on the pot to use a soft brush if you want to try to avoid these.

The end result does look gold and has a metallic sheen to it.

Price: approx 8


Overall the paint works very well. A gold finish is difficult to achieve normally with anything less than gold leaf, but must admit this worked very well and would recommend.

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